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Website DIY Tips For Beginner web designers

DIY Tips for Newbie Web Designers

Web designing is not always about creating jazzy pages with animations and graphics here, there and everywhere. It is an appealing representation of interesting information along with relevant images and videos that would actually hold the visitor’s attention. Now you are a newbie web designer with good aesthetic sense and a fairly moderate repertoire of knowledge but here are some web designing tips that will give you that extra push you need.

Consistency Goes a Long Wayweb design tips

First and foremost, you as a web designer should put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and think about all the things that you would like to see. Out of all the things you imagine, tacky color schemes and inconsistent page layout will not be in the picture. That is because nothing screams amateur more than page layouts without consistency and gaudy color schemes. So the key to a good looking website is a neutral color palette with a bold accent color. Also, every page of your website must have the same header, footer and navigation option to retain the flow of the website.

Be Careful With the Background Colors You Use

Another point of concern when creating a new website is to choose a background color that will not only make your website look aesthetically appealing but it will also enhance the readability of the web content you put on the website. Remember this rule of thumb; if you’re using a light background, then the font color should be dark and in contrast. For instance, think of a white background and black text. However, if you are in the mood to use some colors, then make sure they are contrasting colors and are of different color families.


Font Sizes and Styles Matter, Too

Font sizes used in the website should be of just the right size; not too big and not so small that the reader will have to keep a magnifying glass handy. The main heading or the header as they call it should be of the largest size. The sub headings should be of a smaller size than the header but still bigger than the size of the body text. At last, the body size should at least be a size 12 or 14 for better readability.

Let us focus on the font styles now. Font styles are many but to provide a rich user friendly experience, it is sensible to choose sans serif fonts like Verdana. Overly stylish fonts will not make your site beautiful, instead the overall appearance will be tacky and you sure do not want that.


Never Disable Functionality Options

Functions such as right clicking on images, back buttons, exit messages and text selection options should never be disabled. Disabling such options will irritate the visitor and he might just switch to another website.

These are the four most important tips that newbie web designers should never forget to follow. However, if you are not someone who is tech savvy, then it is best you leave web designing work to the professionals. The best web design services in Utah and Salt Lake City are offered by 

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