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Our design inspirations come from your passion with your business.


Our Past Projects

Case Study


I-D Electric

  • Business Background:
    I-D Electric is a local business in Utah with an excellent team of electricians, serving residential, commercials and municipal clientele. The business has been around for 30+ years and in the process of establishing a digital presence, starting with a simple one-page website.
  • Primary goal:
    I-D Electric is looking for a simple website set up to present its services professionally.
  • Secondary goal:
    The client wants to display their contact information and payment information in an organized manner.
  • Highlights:
    • Store locator map
    • Using pop-ups to keep a clean flow of information


Kaysi Gordon Financial Planning

  • Business Background:
    Kaysi is an experienced financial advisor, who works with women going through transitions primarily, as well as a faith blogger. As her business evolves, it’s time to invest in her online presence. The vision is to re-invent the website to match her brand and introduce her services while keeping her original faith blog and bookstore.
  • Primary goal:
    To present her different services in a thorough and easy-to-understand manner so as to attract potential clients.
  • Secondary goal:
    To make it easy for existing clients to manage and access their accounts.
  • Highlights:
    • Design for a detailed flow of information.
    • The website integrates the bookstore, the faith blog, and the professional services.
    • There’re 2 streams of blog feeds – a new and the original feeds.


Utah Thyroid Clinic

  • Business Background:
    Thyroid Clinic Utah is an endocrinologist to perform radiofrequency ablation in a painless and safe way. The clinic is looking to redesign their website to match their branding and to allow their patients to pay the bills online.
  • Primary goal:
    To rebrand the website to educate the mass about thyroid health and procedures.
  • Secondary goal:
    To add Bill pay function to the website for easier payment collection.
  • Highlights:
    • Bill pay
    • Blog


Infrared Sauna Dealer

  • Business Background:
    The owner of Infrared sauna dealers has witnessed the health benefits of the infrared saunas firsthand, and wants to make the knowledge and products available to everyone. The team is looking for a website that acts as both a catalog and an educational platform.
  • Primary goal:
    To showcase all the infrared sauna models and the specs, acting as a digital catalog.
  • Secondary goal:
    To educate the community about the health benefits of using infrared sauna on regular basis.
  • Highlights:
    • Vast and detailed digital catalog
    • Extensive blog posts
    • Customized order form


United Slice

  • Business Background:
    United Slice makes mouth watering pizzas with fresh dough every day at 3 locations and expanding. They were looking to build a website where they can take advantage of the online ordering software.
  • Primary goal:
    To make online ordering possible at every location.
  • Secondary goal:
    To showcase their delicious pizzas and food menu.
  • Highlights:
    • Extensive food menu.
    • Online ordering platform integration.
    • Multiple locations.



  • Business Background:
    NASOIE is a community of endocrinologists interested in staying current with cutting-edge thyroid technology. The Board is looking for a website that can support their members through events and other academic resources.
  •  Primary goal:
    To build a member portal with resource library and directory
  • Secondary goal:
    To manage events and sign-ups.
  • Highlights:
    • Member portal with restricted content.
    • Event management.
    • Public and member directory.

Branding & Website Strategy Program


  • Business Background:
    CMO2Go offers CMO services and marketing consulting for law firms. The owner is ready to establish a better brand image that matches her growing business and field expertise.
  •  Primary goal:
    To illustrate their agile marketing service structures.
  • Secondary goal:
    To promote their workshops for small professional businesses.
  • Highlights:
    • Introduce the puzzle solving theme throughout the design and content.
    • Fully customized content to match their brand.
    • Strategized website flow and content.
    • Customized forms for different functions

Logo Projects


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