Anatomy of a Home Page

The home page is the face of the website, the introduction, the point of entry, the jumping off point. In other words, it’s very important on several levels. Perhaps most important is that the home page gets more visitors than any other page, and it needs...

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Five Elements of a Winning Website

You’ve been looking at websites to get ideas on how to build or renovate your own. Some you like, some you don’t, and you may not be able to put your finger on exactly why. But you need to know exactly what works for a website and what doesn’t. If you look...

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Six Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

Six Reasons Your Business Needs a Website Every time someone asks you for your website address, you once again resolve to get yourself one, don’t you? Or maybe your do-it-yourself site isn’t attracting the traffic you expected. Either way, you can no...

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Strengthening Your Site Using Social Media

Using the evolution of information-sharing websites to your advantage With over a quarter of the world’s population on social media, it’s no wonder so many businesses and websites are turning to these platforms to promote growth and generate income. Social media is a...

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Reducing Your Bounce Rate

Attract – and Retain – Web Traffic Many web developers and analysts are no doubt already familiar with the term “Bounce Rate”, but it’s a phrase business owners and professionals hoping to gain traction and traffic with their websites need to become familiar with....

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Tips for a Tidier Website

Key Points to Help You De-clutter Are your customers finding difficulty in navigating your website, getting lost in the mire of cluttered advertisements and misleading menus? If you’re receiving negative feedback from your clients, or if you’ve noticed challenges in...

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Using the 80/20 Rule to Accumulate Better Clients

Deadweight vs. Ideal Customers When it comes to generating revenue for your business, nothing is more important than consistently attracting long-term clientele with the help of your SEO-designed website. These essential customers become the lifeblood of your...

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The new SEO rules you SHOULD know

How to Better Optimize Your Site Today For many people, especially business owners, search engine optimization (SEO) can be confusing at best and downright mystifying at worst. The rules for attracting more online traffic through popular search engines like Google and...

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Beware Of Hiring The Wrong Internet Marketing Company

The Things That a Good Utah SEO Company Would Do SEO companies do not have one but many tools to provide exceptional SEO services to their clients. They have many different strategies for different types of industries and websites. SEO tools include social...

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How Solid SEO Firms Make You Money

How SEO Firms like Websiteitup Work Wonders for Your Business Carefully developed, SEO friendly websites, believe it or not can take your business to new heights. You must be wondering what is so amazing about services being offered by web design & SEO firms touting...

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