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The new SEO rules you SHOULD know

How to Better Optimize Your Site Today

For many people, especially business owners, search engine optimization (SEO) can be confusing at best and downright mystifying at worst. The rules for attracting more online traffic through popular search engines like Google and Yahoo have completely changed. Old strategies that were used successfully just a few years ago are now almost completely arbitrary, while new rules for gaining visibility are focused on eliminating shortcuts and gimmicks. Don’t be intimidated! Understanding just a few key concepts will get you and your business on the track toward success.

  1. Think content, not keywords. SEO professionals of old could use Google Analytics to track the keyword searches used to find their websites. Not anymore; Google changed this feature a few years ago in an effort to drive out keyword-focused spammers seeking only good search rankings. Helpful content will always attract – and keep – the right consumer coming back for more. Provide regular, relevant, ongoing content to your website to get the traffic you’ve been seeking.
  2. What would be helpful information for your subscribers and patrons? Even basic topics and concepts that may seem mundane to you will increase your viewership since most casual observers will likely not be experts in your field. If you’re able, send out a survey or questionnaire via email to get a sample of what your customer base wants to know. As time goes by, you’ll see your SEO improve and your subscriptions soar.
  3. Use all forms of social media to your advantage. It’s no longer reasonable to expect great results with just Facebook or Twitter alone. Use all of social media’s outlets to help build your base with those seeking the content and creativity you provide. A Google+ profile is a must as, for obvious reasons, Google is pushing these accounts higher for its own marketing purposes. Your rankings will improve with each circle added and article shared. Just as important as establishing a strong network is nurturing those who actively engage with your site; reply to their comments, thank them, and follow them back. Creating a community online takes work and dedication, but the results are well worth it.
  4. Allow for several months to go by before expecting results. As in many things in life, fantastic outcomes often take a bit of time to gain momentum. Don’t get down on yourself or give up: stay on track with consistent, well-researched content and you will begin to see a seismic shift in your online statistics. As the old adage declares, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If a year has gone by and you still haven’t seen the results you desire, that’s when it’s a good idea to take a step back and troubleshoot your situation with careful analysis.

By diligently applying the above techniques, you are guaranteed to see amazing benefits and rise above your competition. Stop focusing on keywords and start focusing on informative, clear content with a growing community of social media followers. Your business – and your bank account – will thank you.

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