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Surprising Social Media Marketing Stats

Social media, just like technology, is evolving at the speed of light day by day. Not only that but as a society we are becoming more and more tired of being “sold” to. This makes creating a strong social media marketing strategy for your business so imperative, it builds trust with your audience you simply cannot ignore! As a small business owner you must develop a consistent & comprehensive strategy, stay updated on the latest trends, track your statistics & constantly tweak your online marketing strategy to improve month after month. If you do these things over time it can make all the difference to building an unprecedented brand. That being said here are some surprising and noteworthy stats to aid your quest for social media knowledge:

  1. Mobile users make up over 180 million of Facebook’s users

Over 180 million of Facebook’s users access the site through mobile devices, and this trend has seen a boost in ad revenue. Ensure your marketing content is able to be viewed on mobile devices.

  1. YouTube is more popular than cable networks in the US for adults in the 18-34 bracket

If your small business targets adults in the 18-34 age bracket, you might be better off targeting YouTube than TV. Now could be the time to add more videos to your marketing arsenal.

  1. LinkedIn, the serious network

Seen as the premier social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn adds two members per second. This site is worth your time if you are looking to interact with other professionals and groups in your industry, including those you wouldn’t ordinarily meet in person.

  1. Better than porn

Social media is the most common internet activity, overtaking porn. Social media is not a fad or phase, it’s here to stay so take notice and plan accordingly.

  1. Social media is popular among marketers

About 93% of marketers say they integrate social media into their business’s marketing strategies. With such a huge number, you don’t have to be worried about getting stuck, as you’ll probably find information and content from other marketers to help you navigate social media marketing.

There you have it, interesting stats for social media marketers. Your small business needs it now more than ever.

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