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Here are some of the ways a Utah Pay Per Click Company can help grow your business today:

  1. We can get your business listed on page 1 of google for the best keywords in your industry day 1 of your campaign
  2. As a Google Certified Partner, we have the access and expertise to run the best analytics to maximize your ROI.
  3. By working with us, you get monthly reporting of where your money is going and what were doing to gain you more customers.
  4. We offer month-to-month service so you never feel trapped, however once you hear the new phone calls coming in.. you’ll be hooked!
If you’re looking for a Utah PPC Company who meets those requirements, you’ve found them!
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Pay Per Click advertising with google has become the preferred marketing method of the largest worldwide brands, and for good reason.

How A Utah PPC Company Can Help You

  1. Our certified google PPC managers will write clever, high click through ads for your product or services.
  2. We will optimize both your ad and your website landing page for googles quality score metric, allowing you to get more clicks for less budget!
  3. We will split test your ads and constantly  get rid of the underperforming ad and write a new one to test. This again enables a higher click through rate, thus the google quality score increases and we help your budget to go further.
  4. We utilize negative keywords (telling google we do not want to pay for certain searches)  to only use your budget on searches that will drive qualified leads to your business. An example of this would be if you’re selling “widgets” and someone searches “widget jobs” or “free widgets”. You would obviously not want us to spend your pay per click budget on those phrases. If those searchers were to click through to your website only to find you were selling your widgets for money and were not hiring they would leave your website and leave you stuck paying for that click.

Come in to meet our Google certified Pay Per Click marketing experts

Regardless if you’ve got a great idea for a new startup you’ll need marketing for in 6  months, or you need to start a Utah pay per click marketing campaign tomorrow, we would love to meet you face to face! Feel free to schedule an appointment to come sit down and meet us. We can discuss any industry related questions, brainstorm ideas for your upcoming projects and get to know each other. That way when its time to get your next pay per click marketing project going, you know and trust us!
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Utah PPC Company

Were proud to be based out of Sugarhouse, which if you don’t know is just south east of downtown Salt Lake City. At WebsiteItUp we love supporting the growth of our Utah businesses through the highest return pay per click marketing services you’ll find. We’ve helped hundreds of Utah businesses grow to their full potential over the past several years and would love to help yours do the same. Contact us today for a free consultation during which you’ll learn about PPC, what you can expect from your campaign as well as key competition strategies to outperform your rivals.

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Utah PPC vs. Utah SEO?

If you have the budget, we always recommend combining both PPC & SEO methods. However if your short on budget, Pay Per Click Marketing is the clear winner for the following reasons.

Utah PPC

  • instantly on the first page of google for your key searches
  • Very trackable, reporting shows all clicks to website, phone number every day
  • Split testing ads capability to see what your ideal customers will respond best to
  • Only pay for what you need, if your business is closed at 6p.m. and weekends we can stop your ads during those times.
  • ROI is much more transparent as you’re able to track most sales/leads back to ppc.

Utah SEO

  • Takes much longer to obtain profitable page ranking, sometimes 3-12 months or more depending on keyword competition
  • Also very trackable if using google analytics
  • More technicalities and guidelines to constantly stay up on so you do not get penalized by google.
  • More difficult to track exactly where the leads came from to see ROI
  • If done correctly and ethically, a top organic SEO ranking can be extremely profitable