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Latest 2014 SEO Trends

Latest 2014 SEO Trends You Don’t Want to Miss


With rapid advancement in technology, search engines have refined their algorithms in order for the internet users to easily hit upon the most relevant information they are looking for. Search engines expect the people engaged in this world of internet marketing to keep up with the changes and follow the newest trends to achieve maximum benefit.

The inflating importance of social media networks has substantially altered the ways of marketing these days. Ideally, an SEO company should be updated with all the new trends introduced by the search engines, but it is important for the clients as well to have at least the basic knowledge of these new trends.

Here are top 2014 trends of SEO which we have compiled for you to know about:

Social Media NetworksSEO in Utah


The use of social media networks and its significance for marketing purposes has been discussed endlessly everywhere over the internet. Well, it do deserve that kind of importance as social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are playing an extremely important part in establishing online presence of businesses. Social media marketing is the today’s main ingredient of the recipe for success of marketing campaign of any kind of business.

Google Authorship


Google has devised a way to ensure that only high quality and genuine content is indexed in its database for its users and has altered the way it will rank the content of websites. Authorship of content is the newly introduced method of ranking nowadays, which indicates how reliable the author is and how professional and well written his or her content is.

For all this to happen, website owners and bloggers need to create a Google+ profile and link all their content to it. This will enable the search engines to create a profile which will be displayed to the reader. When any user will search the internet, he or she will come across results with bios of the author, including their profiles, content reviews and pictures. This will bound the user to click on such links rather than those without any authorship.

Content is Still Gold


Since the advent of SEO, it has undergone drastic and countless changes, but one element remained constant in terms importance, which is content. Good quality content is as important as social media marketing these days and experts think that nothing can take its place in terms of importance.

Content and SEO go hand in hand and all efforts made in SEO will go in vain, if the quality of the content is poor. Though high quality content on the website is not the main factor for attracting traffic towards the website, but it is essential to keep the bounce rate low.

The best content marketing strategy will be, to have most searched keywords in an apt density, placed in the best possible way, which consequently build the brand name, increase its awareness, establish social media presence and ultimately, improve the conversion rate.

Not opting for any of these three latest trends of 2014 will be a huge mistake indeed. In order to excel in SEO in today’s date, SEO companies need to follow these trends religiously.

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