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Avoid Marketing Confusion

The world of online marketing is one that is constantly evolving. While many view this as a good thing, the reality is that it becomes tough for everyone to keep up with all the changes. The goal for the average Utah internet marketing company should be to have a system in place that is effective without chewing up all of their resources. That means choosing the changes that work for you and fit within your budget, all of which takes plenty of prioritization, but is well worth the effort.

There are 6 steps that you can take to make sure you’re giving your clients the best service possible, while also streamlining and improving your current marketing process. It is in fact possible to do more with less, you just have to know how to do it.

1. How important is marketing to your organization?

If you are not sure of the role that marketing plays within your company, how can you expect to put together a clear, concise process that will deliver the best results? There have to be goals put in place with every single marketing strategy you put in place, so that you can see what is working and what isn’t.

What your organization does and what it hopes to achieve from an integrated marketing strategy have to be addressed before you get started. Are you looking to build brand awareness, generate more leads, or increase visibility? Know what you want and develop your strategy around that.

2. Identify the problems that needs to be addressed by the marketing team.

One of the most common issues faced by marketers is having too many individual goals or having one that is too far reaching. The marketing efforts can essentially become spread too thin in an attempt ago cover every last angle. When that happens, there is no concrete strategy and the marketing efforts that are in place all fall short.

3. Choose the appropriate marketing channels.

When developing an integrated marketing strategy, it’s important to know which channels will deliver the best results. A scattershot strategy will hit a few targets, but you will just end up with far too many misses to make your marketing efforts successful. By all means test the waters with different channels, but don’t invest heavily until you identify the ones that deliver the best ROI.

4. Have core objectives for each channel you select.

Once the channels have been selected, you of course want them all to be as successful as possible. For this to happen, core objectives have to be decided upon that can act as supports for the overarching objective. You might consider breaking down your activities and goals to a quarterly type of set-up, so that you can adjust and re-tool based on the efforts and results of the previous quarter.

5. Create a brief and efficient workflow.

It can be a challenge to put together a workflow that is brief, but the effort it takes is well worthwhile. You should be able to quickly look at the process and determine if your efforts have been successful or not when you weigh the results against what you had laid out.

6. Check results and be prepared to change as needed.

Your integrated online marketing strategy should include a way to assess data and check results via all channels that are being used. This will allow you to quickly assess the results and make changes that can greatly help the bottom line. That may mean scaling back on strategies that are underperforming and putting those resources into channels that are delivering beyond expectations.

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