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5 Web Design Disasters You Must Know About

5 Web Design Disasters You Must Know About

Web design is the art of creating professional looking and highly functional websites. This art is all about combining different technological skills to design a fully functional website. Now the websites we see on the internet are created for a different purpose and cause. For instance; there are beauty, health and makeup websites, there are online shopping sites and then there are informational websites related to different products and the list is never ending.

Then there are websites that barely turn up on Google but when they do, you can tell that they have been made by amateurs who do not know anything about web designing. Here are the five most common web design disasters that should be avoided when creating a website.

Overly Rigid Search EnginesCreative Web Design Thinking And Brainstorming IdeasCreative Web Design Thinking And Brainstorming Ideas

Admit it, using overly literal search engines is downright frustrating and yet we come across many websites that still use these search engines. Now the reason why such search engines are more of a bane rather than a boon is because they are just not capable of handling typing errors, hyphenated terms, plurals and other spelling mistakes. Another snag with this type of search engines is that they show results on the basis of the number of relevant keywords typed in rather than the importance of each document.

PDF Files are a Major Turn Off

Do not you just hate it when you are looking for some important information and along come some relevant PDF files? Well, no one likes reading content out of PDF because it disrupts the natural search flow of the visitor. If the visitor is cheesed off and the PDF file does not open up on time, he might just switch to another alternative website and that way you will end up losing traffic. So here is a word to the wise, steer clear from PDF files when it comes to creating professional looking corporate websites.

No Way to Distinguish Visited Links

One of the reasons why Google is still gold is because you can always differentiate between the website links you have already visited and the ones you have not. However, when it comes to other websites, especially the ones where similarly named products are being sold, it becomes very hard for the visitor to remember which links he has already visited and the ones that he has not unless the color of those visited links changes. Also, revisiting previous links becomes convenient due to this feature so make sure to add this feature the next time around.

Irritating Pop Ups

Another nuisance on the net these days is websites with too many pop ups. Fine, we understand that you want to advertise your product, but it is also important to grasp that visitors hate websites with frequent pop ups and 90% of the times they never visit those sites again. It is about time, you must refrain from using pop ups.

Boring Content 

If you want your visitors to keep visiting your website, you should never use boring, poorly written web content on your website. Engaging content will never go out of style and it will be the reason why so many visitors will keep on coming back for more.

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