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Expensive is comparable and may be considered against the economic possibility not meeting with needs that are scalability. For some environments possibly the most pricey tool is not superior set alongside Consider your site failing about the largest purchasing day of the entire year the danger of the application not running and also the connected economic danger of this occasion along with your opponents getting the castoff company. get new information Dependant on the systems involved in your efficiency assessment you may have several resource options available from opensource through professional. But whatsoever instrument course you go be certain the next is met by it It could exercise your interfaces just as a person might The reporting for that resource matches things you need to document against your requirements and is conducive to obtaining bottlenecks in your environment Your team has got the skills to use the tool effectively Your administration is prepared to spend money on a mentor as well as education for your first 2-3 engagements Get a mismatch on any of the above and you may as well have purchased the absolute most expensive functionality testing tool out there and employed probably the most pricey consulting organization to utilize it even although you are utilizing a "free (as in ale)" performance test tool.