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What Do You Need In A Logo Design Company?

[intense_icon_list] [intense_icon_list_item source="feather" type="circle-check" size="2" color="#bc3035"]Great customer service?[/intense_icon_list_item] [intense_icon_list_item source="feather" type="circle-check" size="2" color="#bc3035"]Technical website development knowledge & expertise?[/intense_icon_list_item] [intense_icon_list_item source="feather" type="circle-check" size="2" color="#bc3035"]Someone you can sit face-to-face with and discuss your vision?[/intense_icon_list_item] [intense_icon_list_item source="feather" type="circle-check" size="2" color="#bc3035"]A firm that recognizes the branding power of a truly unique and industry leading logo design?[/intense_icon_list_item] [intense_icon_list_item source="feather" type="circle-check" size="2" color="#bc3035"]Someone who can build you a high end logo, along with any other branding materials you need such as business cards, letterhead, flyers and more?[/intense_icon_list_item] [intense_icon_list_item source="feather" type="circle-check" size="2" color="#bc3035"]A logo design company who believes you should receive a logo you’re truly excited about and nothing less?[/intense_icon_list_item] [/intense_icon_list]

If you’re looking for a Utah Logo design Company who meets those requirements, you’ve found them!

Utah Logo

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Salt Lake City Logo Design Company

Were proud to be based out of Sugarhouse, which if you don’t know is just south east of downtown Salt Lake City. At WebsiteItUp we love supporting the growth of our Utah businesses through high quality logo design, web development and SEO marketing services. We’ve helped hundreds of Utah businesses over the past several years to try and do our part to keep our local economy strong. Contact us today to go over your utah logo design project and get a free quote.

Come in and meet your logo design team

Regardless if you have logo design project you need to start tomorrow or you’re a year away from a major website renovation, we would love to meet you! Feel free to call and come sit down with us to meet, discuss any industry related questions you have and get to know us. That way when its time to get your next project going, you know who you can trust!

A quick list of Industry Logo Design Terminology

  • Icon – A graphical representation of an object or idea. Used in logo design to boil down a company’s central identity into a simple representative picture or shape.
  • Logotype – A personalized treatment, either textual or graphical, that represents a company or product.Mobile Responsive Websites.
  • CMYK – Stands for “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK.” Also referred to as “full color.” When you have a logo designed, your colors you will mostly be using will be in CMYK mode since those are the four ink colors that can mix together to create any color in the rainbow.
  • Combination Logo – A logo design that combines an icon with the actual text of the company being represented by the logo. The text is intrinsically combined with the logotype itself.
  • Negative Space – The part of a drawing or shape that’s “empty.” This concept is important in logo design because this negative space can be used creatively to complete a design or concept that is unique, creative and eye catching.
  • Pantone®- The industry-standard way to ensure that colors are reproduced in desired way. They are pre-mixed in exact proportions of CMYK. If you don’t have a corporate color already, be sure to determine your corporate color by way of Pantone first, then your logo designer can translate that color into the equivalent CMYK color for use in other design applications.
  • Vector – Images composed of line segments determined by mathematical formulas instead of multi-colored cells. Having a vector version of your logo is of huge importance as it can be resized 9small or large) without loss of quality. This enables future use in any desired applications including business card design, flyer design, website design, banner design, letterhead and more.
  • Brandmark  – A simple but strong graphic symbol, often an abstract symbol, that complements an aspect of a business or service and represents a company by association.
  • Monogram – A typographic symbol that is composed of one or more letters, typically the initials of a name devoid of any containing form.
  • Seal – A word, group of words or initials designed to fir within a form. A typographic symbol.
  • Trademark – Any corporate mark, when registered and protected by law is referred to as a trademark.

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