Laser Hair Caps Promote Real Hair Regrowth

Laser hair caps (formally known as LLLT hair growth therapy) are gaining popularity in the recent years, and for good reason. This FDA cleared method for hair regrowth has been clinically proven in countless medical journals and publications (such as this official publishing) to this point. Even boasting zero documented side effects proving it to be the most natural, pain free and risk free method to fight hair thinning and hair loss.

With the above being noted it is still imperative that consumers understand this technology before purchasing. Laser cap technology or LLLT broken down in simple terms essentially increases blood flowHappy couple wearing Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap

to your scalp and hair follicles. This increase in blood flow (or energy) is accomplished via specific wavelengths (650nm) from the laser cap. This increase in blood flow delivers new nutrients which are essential for vibrant hair growth and especially to revitalize thinning hair.

Many hair restoration clinicians and even hair transplant clinics are touting the use of laser hair caps like Kiierr as a safe alternative or even after treatment to hair transplant surgery. laser therapy caps have proven time and again to be an effective and less expensive treatment option for those without the budget or desired surgery of traditional hair transplants.

Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Caps were recently voted the #1 best laser cap to buy in 2019 by Beauty Smart Care Blog!

In summary the world of hair growth is completely shifting as laser hair growth caps become more popular and dominate the hair growth industry. We see this technology only gaining momentum as the technology (and hair growth results) only improve with time.