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Giving Back

Our Giveback Swag Program

Here at WebsiteItUp we’re usually focused on developing high end websites or helping our clients increase revenue through carefully crafted SEO & PPC campaigns. However in the midst of our normal daily tasks we’ve been working on something REALLY exciting that we can’t wait to share! As a team we’ve decided to use our local presence and business contacts to launch an exciting new giveback program. The giveback program will allow supporters to purchase awesome WebsiteItUp “swag” (hats, shirts, hoodies, etc. with trendy modern designs). The proceeds of those sales will be sent to local children’s organizations to help make a difference in our community.

The Fun Part – We’re Getting Our Art Work From Local Kids!

In a recent interview with CEO Mike Anderson, he shared his excitement on this new initiative stating, “I couldn’t be more excited and proud that our entire team is getting behind this initiative. We’re not only going to give back to local children’s organizations, we’re also going to be working directly with local kids inside these organizations to create our swag designs! For us this initiative will accomplish 3 things. 1. Selling swag to supporters will allow us to expand our reach to help more organizations than we could otherwise do on our own. 2. Working directly with local kids inside the organizations will allow our team to spend part of our week giving back directly. 3. By having others wear our swag and tell the story behind it, we will hopefully gain more and more supporters to this great initiative.”

Our hope is that more and more small businesses will see this great example and introduce giveback initiatives in their companies. If we all do our part to better the lives of those in our communities the world will be a better place for everyone!

utah giveback program

If You're Interested In Buying Swag Or Making A Donation Contact Us Below